Développement d’application

Votre application métier adaptée à votre besoin et à vos contraintes

Elecom, éditeur d’applications sur-mesure

Solutions métiers complexes, application tactile grand format, application mobile, PWA et E-commerce… Notre équipe de développeurs utilise les technologies adaptées pour traduire vos besoins en fonctionnalités.

Nous possédons notre propre laboratoire IT de R&D, nous pouvons en conséquence vous proposer une conception technique sur-mesure, en veillant à allier qualité, performance et innovation.

Our application store by functionality

Unlike software suites, each application is entirely customised and adapted to your identity and graphic charter.

We don’t start from scratch with every project. We use many of the same elements to keep costs down. But we take the time to customise our work to give you a unique experience that is true to your brand.

You want to develop a MediaShow type application while integrating an Interactive Map and a Form and Quiz? It is possible!

Media Show

Present your content in a dynamic and original way

Map Interactive

Locate your information in a fun and exciting way

Data Share

Share your content: promote your brand and generate leads


Measuring customer satisfaction and popularity of your media

Tag Detection (NFC)

Combine the physical and the digital with NFC technology

Tag Detection (IoT)

A unique digital experience by bringing your objects to life


Liven up your events with customised photo sessions


Inform your customers and collect data while having fun


Amaze your audience with an immersive 3D experience

Workshop Solution

Boost your seminars and training courses


Direct your visitors with interactive and dynamic maps!


Browsing your most beautiful websites together on the same device

Des solutions applicatives pour tous les secteurs

Quelques réalisations

Application BMW - MINI
Outil d'aide à la vente pour les concessions BMW - MINI
Application SOGEPROM
Map interactive pour le promoteur immobilier SOGEPROM Normandie
Application Université Paris Nanterre
Wayfinding et MediaShow pour la BU de l'université Paris Nanterre
Application HOSPICOM
Application de gestion des flux patients en milieu hospitalier (IMM Paris)
Application DataShare SPIRIT
Application de partage de contenu pour le promoteur SPIRIT
Application LABEYRIE
MédiaShow et Quiz pour
la marque Labeyrie
Borne et application autonome de candidature à des offres d'emploi
Application Schneider Electric
Application MediaShow immersive pour le bâtiment IntenCity
Application Livre d'or
Application type Livre d'Or au sein de l'Institut du Monde Arabe

Our approach

We carefully analyse your problems, your needs, and the related context in order to respond to them in the most optimal and realistic way possible by developing a digital solution that will take the form of an application. Our experts advise you throughout the ideation phase to adjust and exploit your request as best as possible.

We work with you to draw up flexible and precise specifications. Together with you, we define the functional and graphical aspects of the digital solution to be developed.

Once the project is sufficiently framed, we then start the development phase in the form of one-to-two-week Sprints. Allowing regular deliveries and adjustments to be made at any stage of the project. At each iteration, you define the priorities of each Sprint with us against the list of features established in the previous phase.

After a particularly demanding test phase, we make your solution available. Elecom remains at your side after the deployment to ensure the operational maintenance and the evolution of the solution.