Sales sector

Digital transformation of shops and businesses

Shop and digital are no longer opposites, and the retailer must know how to use new technologies to reach a maximum number of consumers and improve the customer experience.

Digitalisation du secteur de la vente

Some achievements in this sector

Table tactile ELC2 55" 4K avec application pour une concession automobile

BMW project

Creation of a presentation and sales support tool for dealerships

A business application for BMW-MINI dealership sales staff, it facilitates the presentation of the various models, accessories, etc., to customers.
Very entertaining and easy to use, it can also be used in self-service by visitors in waiting areas.

SEB Project

Digitalisation of the Tefal® department in a Carrefour store

This application defines consumer profiles through the quiz, via algorithms set together and proposes, according to the result, the products that match their needs.

The application also controls a Phillips Hue connected LED light and visually indicates the location of the recommended product to simplify the consumer’s choice and decision.

Écran tactile avec rubans LED pour orienter les clients dans les rayons

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