Medical sector

Health and medico-social institution digitalisation

For several years, we have supported large hospitals and health, social and medico-social establishments in their transition to digital. Find out our actions to optimise their internal processes, exceptionally patient flows.

Digitalisation du secteur de la santé et des établissements hospitalier

Some achievements in this sector

Project n°1 : Institut Mutualiste Montsouris

Reception process dematerialisation

Digital kiosks

To streamline the flow of patients and dematerialise physical reception, the IMM has equipped itself with digital hospital terminals which allow patients to identify themselves by scanning their ticket’s bar code, their IPP (Permanent Patient Identifier) and their identity

Via an API, the kiosk receives the appointments daily, and when the patient visits the kiosk, a file is created corresponding to the patient’s identification. The application verifies the patient’s eligibility by studying whether all of their data is up to date and then automates the administrative process.

A specific ticket is printed for the patient with information and guidance for their next appointment(s). If the visitor does not have an appointment or is not eligible, the patient will receive a ticket that will direct them to the appropriate service and contacts.

To guide the patient as best as possible, an augmented reality animation allows the patient to find his way around the hospital so that he knows where to go.

Borne tactile iPOC 22" médical d'accueil pour l'hôpital IMM
Borne tactile iMED 22" avec application de gestion des flux et d'orientation des patients

FOCH Hospital Project

Reception process dematerialisation

Reading the carte vitale and doctolib

The application for the Foch Hospital allows for a smoother flow of patients and thus relieves the pressure on reception staff and improves the quality of the patient’s experience by considerably reducing waiting time.

To further facilitate identification, the application can also find the patient using the Doctolib QR code or if their health card terminal is equipped with an EPT. The card reading also alerts the patient if a bill is unpaid or if his rights (social security / complementary health) are not up to date.

Écran d'affichage dynamique avec application de gestion de file d'attente

Project n°2 : Institut Mutualiste Montsouris

Queue management

Patient interface

The patient goes directly to the digital touch terminal (with an integrated printer) and gets a ticket and a specific number according to the purpose of the visit (imaging, cardio, etc…). A dynamic audio-visual display connected to the terminal ensures the visual and audio calls of the patients in the queue.

Business Interface

The staff have a fully web-based interface with secure authentication, a simple, intelligent, intuitive dashboard, and a sophisticated administration page.

A remote display completes the package and allows waiting patients to be engaged with digital and audible signalling.

Project n°3 : Institut Mutualiste Montsouris

CD-ROM reading terminals for medical imaging

To reduce the consultation time and, consequently, the waiting time of each patient, Elecom has imagined an application solution accompanied by a touch terminal specially designed for reading CD-ROMs.

Upon arrival in the waiting room, the patient (with the help of a medical secretary if necessary) is invited to insert their CD-ROM on the digital terminal. Reading and processing the images is then started before the consultation.

The doctor can then concentrate solely on the consultation and avoid these time-consuming tasks.

Borne tactile iCAR avec lecture CD intégré

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