Media Show is the ideal tool to reinforce your communication’s impact and make you stand out from competitors.

In addition, it is the solution that can help your customers and prospects to wait if they have to face a longer waiting time.

Combining the useful with the pleasant is the objective of this application!

Enhance your content with an interactive and engaging experience

The Media Show application will allow you to easily present your media (images, documents, 3D, web pages…). You can set up an interactive presentation containing the elements of your choice among the application’s many features.
Manage your content as you wish, in total autonomy from a Back-Office or your databases using an API.

Some of our achievements in video:

BMW application - MINI
Sales tool for BMW dealerships - MINI
ACIES application
Presentation of products and services via photos, videos, and PDFs
Schneider Electric application
Video mosaic + full-screen video player with controls


The most commonly used touchscreens for the application