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Digitalisation du secteur de l'immobilier

Some achievements in this sector

Table tactile ELC2 55" 4K avec application pour le secteur de l'immobilier

Sogeprom Normandie project

Creation of a sales support tool for property programmes

Interactive map

With its tiltable touch table, the application serves as a sales support tool for the property developer. The different real estate programs (current and future) can be consulted from an interactive map with a search and filter system. The data is retrieved directly from their database through an API, allowing the real-time display of availability and information.

Lead generation

The data collected during the user’s journey (contact details, favourite property programmes, etc.) is sent directly to Sogeprom’s CRM via an API, guaranteeing the centralisation of incoming data.

Nafilyan & Partners project (Immobel group)

Programme catalogue dematerialisation

The application completely dematerialises the developer’s catalogue of property programmes. Used at points of sale and property fairs, it provides a different and more pleasant experience than the traditional paper format.

Table tactile ELC2 55" 4K avec application pour un promoteur immobilier

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