Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Use the full potential of social networks to create a positive impact on the community. community, develop your brand image, target specific audiences and increase your sales.

Pilotage et suivi des stratégie des réseaux sociaux (Community Management)

Due to the importance of social media in the online business market over the last 10 years, we decided to create a special department within our agency with a dedicated social media team.

Our team of experts will help you create and develop your social media strategy. This will be tailored to your market, your objectives, and your budget. Once the strategy has been validated together, we will work closely with you or your communication team to deploy your brand on the most influential social networks consistent with your market.

Community Management

Feed your social networks with content, organically develop your community, discuss, and exchange with your audience directly on the platform.

Social ads

Creation and management of paid advertising campaigns on social networks. Target definition, content creation or selection, A/B testing, monitoring, and reporting.

Influence marketing

Implementation and management of influencer advertising campaigns; selection of influencers, briefing, monitoring, and reporting.

Access to our database of influencers referenced by interests and target audiences.

We master the specificities of each platform and can advise you on the creation of your content. We can also offer you different content creation packages (photo and video) for the presentation of a product or service for example.


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