Elecom, a technical service provider

In some cases, our mission consists of acting solely as an intervener for technical missions related to audio-visual, sound, and interactivity. We work as a subcontractor or co-contractor depending on the assignment.

ELECOM : Prestations techniques

Coordination of operations, deliveries, installations, deployments.

Skills acquired over the years put at your service.

After identifying the most promising use cases during the scoping, research, and study phase, we deploy your digital projects, always ensuring that deadlines, quality, and customer satisfaction are met:

The chosen configuration is tested at our premises before installation, ensuring delivery ready for use

Reliable and controlled logistics

Our technicians are versatile and adapt to your constraints

A pilot phase to validate the relevance of the solution

Fast and efficient production start-up

An extensive and demanding final test phase

We integrate all the building blocks until we bring your solution to life. The success of this phase depends on our ability to listen, to audit your needs and on the expertise of our staff.

Besoin d'un coup de main pour vos installations et vos déploiements

Laissez nous vos demandes et nous reviendrons vers vous dans les plus brefs délais

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