Our tactile coffee tables

Our touchscreen coffee tables are our digital touch products that are best integrated into a relaxed and friendly environment. Regardless of the technology used, these interactive digital media are perfectly suited for multi-user use.


Touchscreen Coffee Table

Our ELC2 touch coffee table is our digital coffee table with our ELC2 touch monitors.

Customise it by choosing the screen size (from 32″ to 75″), its touch technology, its colour or integrate your logo!

This stand will be perfect for a user-friendly multi-user experience.

Table basse tactile ELC2 pour showroom
Table basse tactile IBOX blanche personnalisable


Touchscreen Coffee Table

Thanks to its modern design and customisation, our IBOX touch coffee table will fit in any environment.

Storage, covering, laser inlay & LED backlighting, induction charger, LED headband, customise your digital coffee table to best suit your company.

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