Public sector

The digital transformation of public services

For several years, we have supported major hospitals and health, social and medico-social establishments in their transition to digital. Find out about our actions to optimise their internal processes and exceptionally patient flows.

Digitalisation du secteur public et des collectivités

Some achievements in this sector

Table tactile ELC2 55" 4K avec application pour les CAF

Caf de Dordogne project

Kiosk and welcome application

Patient flow management


The application can be used to welcome and direct visitors according to the purpose of their visit. It also allows you to register in a queue and make an appointment.

The CAF agents have an administrator interface to manage it.

Project Greater Perigueux

Creation of a tool for public consultation and participatory democracy

This application is available to residents and allows them to respond to forms, surveys, and public consultation, give their opinion, report, vote on community projects or competitions, and consult media and information.

Table tactile ELC2 55" 4K avec application pour une collectivité

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