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Elecom, 100% custom web application publisher

We create customised business web solutions, perfectly adapted to your needs and constraints.

The creation of business web applications is a multidisciplinary activity that involves many players. Managing complex web projects is time-consuming and involves several fields of expertise, each inseparable from the others, mastered by our experts: engineering, algorithms, data, UX, UI, design, web analysis, natural referencing, content writing.

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Plateforme de création de formulaire dynamique

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Our approach

We carefully analyse your problems, your needs, and the related context in order to respond to them in the most optimal and realistic way possible by developing a digital solution that will take the form of an application. Our experts advise you throughout the ideation phase to adjust and exploit your request as best as possible.

We work with you to draw up flexible and precise specifications. Together with you, we define the functional and graphical aspects of the digital solution to be developed.

Once the project is sufficiently framed, we then start the development phase in the form of one-to-two-week Sprints. Allowing regular deliveries and adjustments to be made at any stage of the project. At each iteration, you define the priorities of each Sprint with us against the list of features established in the previous phase.

After a particularly demanding test phase, we make your solution available. Elecom remains at your side after the deployment to ensure the operational maintenance and the evolution of the solution.