Our CSR policy

Elecom, an eco-socially responsible company

Our Environmental

Elecom is particularly sensitive to environmental and climate issues. All employees adhere to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and have signed an internal charter on environmental protection.

This is why all our activities are being developed with the constant aim of reducing our environmental footprint and aiming for decarbonisation.

We always prioritise refurbished equipment to fight against electronic waste. We have also launched our own computer refurbishment business with its online shop.

Our social

Our policy promotes diversity and equal opportunities in recruitment, and we are particularly vigilant about well-being at work.

We are attentive to our client relationships and constantly monitor good business practices.

Our policy is also zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination and corruption.

Our Economic Responsibility

Whenever possible, we favour French know-how and local products. Our digital media (kiosks, totems & touchscreen tables) have been produced and assembled in France since the beginning of our activities.

Elecom is also actively involved in associations. Since the beginning of the health crisis, we have financially supported the Fondation des Hôpitaux de France.

Elecom is also a partner of several top sportsmen and women in the tennis and car industry (Lamera Cup).