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With Elecom, your site is…

A unique design that reflects your identity

An admin interface adapted to your activities

Tailor-made features

A UI designed and optimised for your visitors

Advice on targeting and structuring your needs

A quality strategy and referencing

Showcase site, e-commerce… what is your need?

Showcase Site

A real business card and an essential tool to promote your activities or your products. With a tailor-made design and a very advanced UX, offer your visitors the best possible experience and boost your activities with a good visibility on the web. By combining our know-how with the power of CMS such as WordPress or Drupal, on your side, administration becomes a breeze!

E-commerce website

E-Commerce B2C, e-commerce B2B, we meet all the needs of your e-commerce activity using the powerful CMS Prestashop, Magento or WooCommerce to create efficient sites in a ROlste approach and always in an attractive design and ergonomics, in your image and thought for your consumers.

Responsive WebDesign

As the web is increasingly accessible on all types of media, particularly on smartphones, it is now essential to adapt content to the medium in order to maintain both navigation comfort and good ergonomics. Responsive Design is a fundamental element in the conception of a website.
Whether your customer is using a tablet, computer or smartphone, your website will look and feel great.

Responsive Web Design

Analysis of the need



Let’s go!

The course of a project with Elecom

We carefully analyse your problems, your needs, and the related context in order to respond in the most optimal and realistic way possible. Together with you, we draw up flexible and precise specifications. Together with you, we define the functional and graphical aspects of the website to be developed. We then start the development phase in the form of one-to-two-week sprints. Once the project has been finalised, Elecom remains at your side after deployment to ensure the operational maintenance and evolution of your site over time.

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