Our touchscreen terminals

Our touchscreen kiosks are probably the trendiest products of the last few years because they are affordable, efficient, and customisable. That’s why we always have different models available in our rental fleet


Touch Station

Our IPOC touch terminal is our star digital terminal! Affordable and customisable, it will fit into any environment.

Available in size :

  • 22 inches
  • 32 inches

Its projected capacitive touch technology provides a totally seamless customer experience. With Windows 10 built in, it’s as compatible with the applications we develop as it is with yours.

Borne tactile IPOC
Borne tactile iSMALL petite taille


Touchscreen kiosk 

Our iSMALL touch terminal is our most affordable digital interactive terminal. A simple, basic, and effective touch terminal.

Its integrated mini-PC allows for smooth and responsive web browsing. Its size makes it easy to move around and takes up little space. All in all, it’s the ideal kiosk at a low price.


touchscreen kiosk

Our IPOCKET touchscreen kiosk is our entry-level digital interactive kiosk. Its simple and uncluttered design will please its users.

Customise your terminal:

  • Screen size (22″, 32″ or 43″)
  • Tilt (40° or 60°)

Equipped with Windows 10, you will be able to integrate and read any type of content without any problem.

Borne tactile iPOCKET premier prix
Borne tactile Photobooth


touchscreen kiosk

Our PHOTOBOT touch terminal is designed to animate your environment by allowing you to leave a souvenir for your visitors.

This interactive print kiosk comes with its PHOTOBOOTH STANDARD application that can be fully customised to your needs.


touchscreen kiosk

Our IMED touch kiosk integrates different readers offering many uses:

  • Card reader
  • NFC reader/encoder
  • Bar code / QRCode reader
  • Payment terminal
  • Thermal printer

That’s why this digital payment terminal is THE self-service terminal to have.

Borne tactile médical et de paiement
Borne tactile design et moderne ICAR


touchscreen kiosk

Our ICAR touchpoint is the smallest size in our range.

Available in 16″ or 22″, this discreet and sober kiosk integrates projected capacitive technology, offering the fluidity of a smartphone to the touch.

Equipped with wheels, you can move it as you wish.

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