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Integrate new distribution channels and develop your sales in all over Europe thanks to the marketplaces.

Conseil en stratégie SEO

Our team of SEO/SEA experts will guide you through the various stages in order to optimise the natural and paid referencing of your website or your online shop.

If you want to develop your business and improve its online visibility, SEO as well as SEA will be the techniques to adopt in order to get a short-, medium- and long-term effective visitor flow


Natural referencing, although more and more abandoned by most sites, remains a key player in generating traffic on its website. Most companies are abandoning SEO in favour of SEA (or paid search offering almost instant results). Natural referencing, even if it takes some time to be set up (the time that Google understands that the site is of quality and that it increases your rank page) is necessary to have a good visibility. 


Paid search is the « express » method of acquiring traffic. Our specialised team will guide you in the creation of your AdWords campaigns, in its optimisation and monitoring in order to adjust your ads to be « Google Friendly ».

Conseil en statégie de contenus (SEM, SEO, SEA)
Pilotage et suivi des performances

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