Split your touchscreen into several distinct and autonomous interfaces, navigate your websites securely or integrate your websites into a custom application.

Secure and multi-user browser

Websites, web apps or games can be consulted and used with complete peace of mind by their users and in multi-user mode from a secure browser or directly integrated into a custom application.

This solution adapts to the number of users present. E-Browser is, therefore, ideal for a horizontal touch table and use with groups of people. It promotes interaction and participation within a group of people.

Some of our achievements in video:

MAMA SHELTER application
The secure interface on top of the operating system with integrated web browser, games, mediashow, photobooth etc.
THERMES ADOUR application
Secure interface for navigation between multiple websites with 3D navigation.
ONEY BANK application
App with multi-user NFC tag


The most commonly used touch screens for the application