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Preserve your cash flow, reduce costs, and achieve financial efficiency while managing your digital equipment and its lifecycle with great flexibility. All of our digital, tactile, and audio-visual media are available for long-term rental for up to 60 months.


To finance your equipment, buying is not the only solution

With a long-term rental (LLD)

You have a property for one or more years, in exchange for the payment of a fixed monthly rent, specified in your contract. The lending organisation retains ownership of the product, and at the end of the contract you return it… and then, if you wish, take out a new LDD. With the possibility, each time, of renting new equipment and therefore possibly changing the product.

With a lease with option to buy (LOA)

The principle is simple: you rent a product for a fixed period (usually between 2 and 6 years). Then, when the contract comes to an end, you have the option of returning the product or buying it. In the latter case, you will have to pay the difference between the value of the product and the monthly rental payments you have made up to that point (plus any security deposit required at the beginning of the contract). This is therefore a hybrid option, to be considered if you are hesitating between buying and leasing.

Renting: advantages between flexibility and predictability

Renting allows you to smooth out costs

If you choose to buy your IT or audio-visual equipment, you are making a large initial investment… which may put you in difficulty if costs such as maintenance or replacement arise sooner than expected. By renting, on the other hand, you only pay the same rent up front that you will have to pay each month. There are no sudden, unexpected costs that will put a strain on your finances, either at the beginning or during the lease. This predictability also makes it easier to manage your company’s budget.

Your company benefits from great flexibility

Renting only commits you to keeping a product for a given time. At the end of the contract, if you wish or need to change your equipment (and there are many reasons for this), you have the possibility to do so.

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