Digital POS


Highly luminous battery-operated digital signage – 14H!

Lightweight and easy to carry, it is resistant to rain, sun, and temperatures between 0 and 50°C.
Go digital and boost your communication easily with a simple USB stick or our optional remote content management software.

Technical specifications

How big is the screen?

This product is equipped with a 43' high brightness screen

Can the product be used outdoors?

Our digital POS or digital pavement display is equipped with a secure 43' high brightness screen that makes the content clearly visible even in direct sunlight.

IP65 certified, it is water resistant and can withstand temperatures between 0 and 50°C, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

How can it be used?

Digital POS will be useful for a restaurant, bar, or cafe to replace the traditional slate and enhance your establishment by showing beautiful videos/photos of your dishes, displaying your menu, current offers, upcoming events etc.

It will also be a real asset for all retailers who will be able to communicate effectively outside their shop throughout the day and attract the attention of passers-by to encourage them to enter their shop.

Does the product need to be plugged in permanently?

Its high-capacity battery (14 hours) and its wheels make it easy to use for everyone.

How can we manage the content displayed?

Content management is also very simple and fast.

2 solutions will be available: 

Via a USB key: You can transfer your content directly via a USB key, quite simply.

Via the KIOSK application developed by ELECOM: You can use our KIOSK application to send and manage your content remotely from your PC in real time.

It will allow you, in particular, to program and display different content at different times of the day. It will also allow you to manage your "park" of display points if you have several digital POP displays or other digital display media.


Battery life 14 hours

A power outlet is no longer necessary to broadcast your content. The built-in battery in the stand gives you over 12 hours of operation and will recharge overnight in just 8 hours.

IP65 waterproof enclosure 

The digital POS has an IP65 rating, which means that it is resistant to dust and all-weather conditions.

Ambient light sensor 

The display has a sensor that changes the brightness of the screen according to the ambient light, ensuring optimal visibility at any time of day, indoors or outdoors.

Anti-degradation tempered glass 

The digital POS is designed with a tempered glass front panel to protect the device from vandalism. The battery is also protected in its housing.

1500 cd/m2 screen 

This high-brightness screen is three times brighter than a home TV, making it ideal for viewing from a distance in outdoor spaces, even in direct sunlight.

Lockable castors 

The device is equipped with wheels, making it very easy to move. The wheels can be locked to prevent the trestle from moving once it is in place, especially in strong winds. The whole unit is very stable.

KIOSK planning software

The KIOSK software we have developed will allow you to easily manage all your content remotely and in real time.

USB drive

Simply load images, videos and PDFs onto a USB stick and insert it into the side of the screen. Your content is then copied and played back in a loop.


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