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Solutions Our experts support your company and train your employees on Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet.

Solutions applicatives et matériels de visioconférence pour Zoom, Meet et Teams


Microsoft Teams

Google Meet

What is Zoom?

A simple and powerful cloud solution for your employees and workspaces.


Improve and simplify remote collaboration with Zoom, a corporate video conference with messaging


Expand your influence and broadcast live up to 10,000 connections with lots of online interaction


Increase productivity by sharing content and collaborating on files in Zoom in real time


Up to 500 secure HD video or audio calls for each user and collaboration space

Official partner of Zoom

We combine our know-how with the power of software.

With ZOOM, collaboration and business relationships become a breeze. By using this 100% cloud solution, you will improve your performance and productivity.

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Why Zoom?

Microsoft Teams 

Turn your group conversations into video conferences with a single click.

It doesn’t matter how many participants there are: whether there are 2 or 10,000, they can all attend the meeting.

Search, share and edit files in real time using familiar applications such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel in Teams.

Google Meet

A simple and secure video conferencing solution for your business.

Empower your team to communicate with an enterprise video conferencing solution based on Google’s powerful and secure infrastructure, accessible from anywhere in the world.

Meet is included in Google Workspace and G Suite for Education.