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The digital transformation of industries

For several years, we have assisted major manufacturers in their transition to digital. Discover our actions implemented to optimise their internal processes, quality control and production.

Digitalisation du secteur de l'industrie

Some achievements in this sector

Ariane Group project

Quality process digitalisation

Save time

Explain your problem

Opening a new document. It follows the same creation logic so as not to lose the teams. The aim is to gather as much information as possible by answering the following questions: Where, When, How, Who, Did he, What, How much, etc.

Organise your projects

Finding the root cause

At this stage, the teams try to find the cause of the problem. We have integrated tools such as the cause tree or the Hishikawa diagram. We have incorporated other tools on other projects for other manufacturers, such as the Kepner Tregoe.

Simplify your actions

Plan corrective actions

Once the root cause has been identified, the teams implement corrective actions to resolve the problem. These are submitted by the due date and are then displayed in a global table, allowing the status of the actions to be seen at a glance.

Tablettes tactiles avec application digital pour le contrôle qualité dans le secteur aérospatial
Tablette tactile avec application de management visuel de la performance dans le secteur de l'industrie pharmaceutique

Ipsen project

Visual performance management Dematerialisation

The 2 parts of our solution: 

Data collection …

The primary objective is to digitise all data collection processes as close to the field as possible. No more paper documents, no more long Excel tables. Welcome to a simple application that allows anyone to fill in all the information needed to measure performance. This application, built with the Microsoft framework, can be used on a tablet or a PC to offer its users the best mobility.

… Viewing information in real-time

  • Measuring company performance
  • Identifying problems
  • Analyse using tools such as a cause tree, a Kepner Trego or a Hishikawa tree
  • Implementing immediate improvement or corrective actions
  • Prioritise these actions using Kanban-type boards

The actual gains achieved

  • Ensuring rapid communication between teams and the different levels of the company’s hierarchy
  • Keeping the data, archiving it, and classifying it so it can be used later. This can open up perspectives such as :
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Improving problem-solving
  • Make information available to everyone and anywhere on site

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