Touchscreen monitor Transparent

Moniteur tactile Transparent

A simply stunning touchscreen monitor.

Transparent monitors will allow you to present objects in a completely different way. They will enable you to enrich digital data on physical products.

Technical specifications

What size is this product available in?

This solution is available in the following ways:

Infrared technology: 49", 55".

Can it be used in any situation?

This monitor cannot be used in any situation.

It must have a "white box" on the backside backlit with White (Cold) LED to contrast and see the monitor's colours. You can see this example in the pictures at the bottom of the page. The most important thing is backlighting.

The stronger it is, the better the contrast and the perceived image quality.

What can be done with it?

The nice thing about this type of screen is that you can add digital content on top of physical content. Depending on the size of the monitor selected, you can place a larger or smaller object behind it and add information to it.

Examples :

  • A watch display with an articulated arm. The arm brings the watch back to the centre of the screen, and you discover, via media, its origin, its mechanism, the brand's muse, the places where it can be bought, etc.
  • A model car or boat. The screen shows you the different characteristics and situations via media. By playing with the opacity of a part of the screen, you can also focus on parts of the object.

There are many possible uses!


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