Custom web application

Customised form generator with analysis tools

Client : DGFIP

Elecom has adapted its Ecom-SURVEY satisfaction survey solution to meet the exact needs of the DGFIP. Our survey generator has been redesigned to precisely match the surveys deployed. As well as the data feedback system is segmented according to the geographical location of the sites and the internal hierarchy. Each survey contains its own « Live Dashboard » of indicators that can be consulted from a web browser.

A simple and tailor-made BO

An intuitive backoffice that allows you to : 

  • – Create and manage surveys,
  • – Manage users, 
  • – Managing duty rosters,  
  • – See statistics.

Creating surveys

With the DGFIP application, you can create surveys with 3 types of answers: 

  • – free text
  • – sub-questions with choice by emoticons
  • – a choice by emoticons (with customisable text under the emoticons)

Using the tablets provided in the offices is simple and fun for the users.

On-call use


The use by the administrators of each permanence is simple to be accessible to all.

Users cannot access the tablet thanks to a code to exit the application, which local administrators can only enter.

Consultation of statistics

The statistics in the back office show the answers to questions with free text and the distribution of answers with emoticons.

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