iBOT Touch Table

Table tactile robotisée IBOT inclinable

The robotic touch table for more freedom

All degrees of inclination are possible. You can lower it like a table, leave it in its normal flat position, tilt it vertically like a totem pole in a landscape version, or position it as a lectern table, at 45°.

Table tactile iBOT inclinaison 4
Table tactile iBOT inclinaison 3
Table tactile iBOT inclinaison 2
Table tactile iBOT inclinaison 6

Technical specifications

What size is this product available in?

This product is available in :

Infrared technology: 32", 40", 48", 49", 55", 65", 75", 85"

OCAP technology: 32", 43", 46", 49", 55", 65".

Is this product customisable?
Our interactive desks are partially or fully customisable:
  • Stickering according to a logo, a graphic charter
  • Covering: leather, wood, carbon, gloss, marble, gold leaf, silver, etc.
  • Laser inlay & LED backlight
  • LED banner
  • Change of the initial design and adjustment
An iBOT touch panel can be supplied in the RAL colour of your choice (EPOXY paint) in mat or gloss finish.
What is the operating system of the terminal?

The basic OS used is Windows 10 Professional.

But the kiosk can, in fact, be configured to run on Mac OSX, Linux or Android.

Where is IT?
Our kiosks are equipped with an integrated PC. Here it is located in the area under the screen. The basic configuration is as follows:
  • Core i7
  • 8GB RAM
  • 128GB SSD
  • HD Graphics 5000
  • Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
You can upgrade or change this configuration. Depending on the application, we advise you on the evolution of the internal machine:
  • Processor modification
  • Increased RAM
  • Changing the graphics card
Can I plug in a USB stick to bring in files?

The iBOT terminal has all the latest connections:


USB 3.0


RFID reader

NFC Reader / Transmitter

It also features: Ethernet, USB 2.0, DVI, VGA.

What is the screen resolution?
The touch table is available in the 2 existing resolutions:
  • Full HD
  • 4K
We adapt this criterion to your needs.
Table tactile robotisée inclinaison 6


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